Phyz X | “Exercise” is a powerful medicine. Are you taking yours?
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“Exercise” is a powerful medicine. Are you taking yours?

“Exercise” is a powerful medicine. Are you taking yours?

Being ‘inactive” is the 4th highest risk factor for premature death globally (WHO, 2015). If not compelling enough evidence to get off your backside, ‘exercise’ as a treatment or preventive strategy dominates the top 5 list in the major causes of illness, disability and death throughout the world (ie. heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, depression).
So the scientists are proving it, the doctors are prescribing it, the media is reporting it, most of us have done it at some time, interestingly you actually probably already know everything you just read. BUT why do the majority of us find it so hard to keep exercise in our lives? This question constantly challenges me as a health professional as I use exercise as a treatment tool every day. So what is it about human behaviour that makes ‘exercise’ such a jagged little pill?
Check out my top 5 tips to get you to start and stay exercising!
1) Start with end in mind – you must have an end goal to work towards, are you wanting to compete in an event, to fit your favourite suit, to attempt something new. Make it specific and time framed.
2) Lock it in your diary – treat it like a top priority meeting, one that your life depends on, it has be respected as essential to you being able to do anything else in your diary. Also don’t forget to schedule time to eat and rest.
3) Measure your progress ¬ – pick some key measures that make your goals possible eg. being able to run 2km in 1-month, essential if you wish to run a 8km fun run at the end of the year.
4) Reward achievements – pat yourself on the back with a gift or do something special as you reach your milestones. Just as you would give your dog a treat when teaching him to sit.
5) Make exercise fun – with plenty of ways to get active, mix it up and do things you enjoy as you wouldn’t repeatedly watch a movie you didn’t like.
Start, stick to it and reap the rewards, all the best.


PHYZ X – Feel better than ever
Justin Johnson – Physiotherapist/Acc. Exercise Physiologist

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