Phyz X | Impact
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We are creating healthier communities… everywhere!

You. Your family. Your friends

“helping you and your family maximize your health and fitness so you can do you wish to do and more”

We will help 20,000 people by 2018 keep or start being active by 2018.

(15,000 now in Jan 2017)

Want to reduce rates by up to 40% (no limits like your health fund) and receive a host of Xtras benefits. You can really take charge of your health with our 2-teir individual and family membership subscriptions. Perfect to help you keep fit and healthy into your future.

Your Community

“helping communities through education, access and support of community organisations, clubs, businesses and events”

We support over 10,000 people through our continued support of local events, businesses, schools, sporting teams, dance schools and community organizations”

Become a PHYZ X community affiliate today!

Your World

“Creating impacts all over the world through our relationship with B1G1 and you”

B1G1 is not a charity in itself, they are much more than that, with over 800 projects around the world benefitting from the amazing work they do and, staggeringly enough, around 100 million impacts created through their efforts. The projects accepted into the B1G1 family undergo an exhaustive due diligence  process by the board of B1G1, very few get accepted into the program for varying reasons. It goes without saying the ones that do make it into the fold are doing great things around the world.

B1G1 helps businesses just like yours and mine, every day people, everyday businesses of every size and in countries across the globe. They help our businesses in surprising ways too, they help create measurable long lasting impacts, impacts that better the lives of many people and assist environmental causes to improve this planet we all inhabit