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Persistent Pain Management Program

The Pain Program incorporates evidence-based education and intervention strategies, empowering persistent pain sufferers to overcome pain barriers and improve their quality of life.

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How does a participant qualify for the pain program?

Participants who are able to qualify for The Pain Program include people with:

  • Persistent (Chronic) Pain
  • Beliefs that your condition is significantly harmful or disabling
  • Avoidance behaviours in anticipation of pain
  • Low mood, altered behaviour and social withdrawal due to your condition
  • Expectations / history of ongoing passive treatment rather than active management
  • Severe injuries or multiple traumas
  • “Failed” treatments/interventions
  • Requirement for better understanding of your current situation and future capacity

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The Pain Program in detail

Review, Assessment, Communications & Report

In the first part of this program we create a case conference with referring clinician and then arrange a face to face OR virtual patient assessment. From here there is a case review and history, physical and functional examination, outcome measures, identification of barriers to treatment and goal formulation. A detailed report and case conferencing will then be provided to all stakeholder with application to relevant third parties for funding.

Group Education Program (GEP)

Four day facilitated group education program incorporating evidence-based principles for managing persistent pain. Pending travel and associated costs/barriers, this program is set up for a hybrid presentation format (in person or virtual), with group facilitated discussion to ensure high levels of engagement and support. Presentations and facilitated group discussion topics include; Introduction to The Pain Program, Pain Explained, Exercise is Medicine, Mindfulness for Pain, Injury Rehab & Recovery, Management of Flare Ups, Pacing & Graded Exercise, Nutrition Sleep & Wellbeing and Goal Setting

Post-program Implementation

4-12 week individualised program, to enable participants to practically implement learnings from the Group Education Program. Through supervised, graded exercise programs and general life activities participants can consolidate learnings from the GEP for long term integration of physical and behavioural change.