Phyz X | Your health. Our focus
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3 simple steps to a healthier you!


Identify your needs and take the first steps with your care leader towards a healthier you. 

“making the complex simple”


Work with the team members that best suit your needs and play to our strengths.

“our seamless team”


Reach your goals with a focus of maximizing your capabilities and sustaining long term results

“Focus on a positive future”


Our core disciplines


Get pain and injury out of the way with accurate diagnosis and effective manual and clinical care

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Effective diagnosis of your problem is the first step to getting you past injury or pain. Identifying issues in joint movement, muscle flexibility, muscle strength and movement control is paramount to creating an efficient plan you can follow to rehabilitate your injuries or pain effectively. Getting you feeling better as fast as possible is our physio teams specialty.

Exercise Physiology

Achieve your full potential and maximize you physical and psychological capacity with the right “exercise program” for you.

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Applying the medicine of exercise to your life is paramount to your recovery from injury, management of health conditions and sporting performance. Ensuring the appropriate dose, type and methods of exercise are in line with your goals is essential to deliver the results of your efforts. Creating an exercise plan to recover from injury, manage your health profile, achieve your life and sporting goals is how our exercise physiology can help you. Whether you need an exercise plan to do at home, in the gym, the pilates studio or personal training sessions to keep you on track with your goals. Then Exercise Physiology is the solution to experiencing long term impact on your health.

Remedial Massage

Relieve tension, optimize performance, and relax with effective deep tissue, sports and trigger point massage therapy

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Excessive muscle tension related to physical stress ie. Injury, activity and psychological ie. anxiety, pain is a major factor contributing to discomfort and dysfunction seen in our clients. Remedial Massage is effective and safe non-medicinal way of helping you relieve this tension. Overcoming muscle tension through massage can be very effective, especially in the initial stages of someone’s care plan to help get into the exercise and treatment plan you need.


Extend yourself with the ultimate core and whole body strength and flexibility method.

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The core muscles are the centre of our stability mechanism and when combined with optimal muscle control throughout the rest of the body it can see us function at our peak, either to overcome injury or enhance your sporting performance. The Pilates method using floor, studio and reformer equipment offers a low-impact, highly effective and enjoyable way of addressing core strength, flexibility and breathing control.