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Justin Johnson PHYZ X Director

Justin Johnson

Principal Physio, AEP & Founder

I created PHYZ X to provide a complete wellness service that actually works, one that has your goals as the centre of our focus. It could not revolve around one therapist, but a team of specialities that bring with them a dynamic and effective service unavailable anywhere else in the region. It needed to reach many people, to create a healthier community wherever we went, to help you, your family, your friends. It needed to identify your complex physical, physiological and emotional needs and provide you simple steps towards making you feel better than ever before.


I believe we have achieved this with our team of university trained professionals that combine the best science we have to date with the clinical experience to adapt this science to your needs and wants. I wanted to a create team of people that really CARE about you, one that thrived on helping others achieve their full potential, one that inspired me to be part of, one that transforms the lives of the people we meet so you too can inspire people to live truly fulfilling lives and make a difference in the world.




Physio, Pilates & CEM (Clinical Excellence Manager)

I genuinely believe in the PHYZ X model for Health Care and am excited that it is at the leading the way for the future of how health care is delivered in Australia. I am passionate about helping you to achieve your full potential not just by fixing your physical injury but by working with you to change your lifestyle for the long term.

My professional strength, I believe, lies in my ability to recognise deep seeded chronic issues with your physical capacity that may require me to work with you to construct a customised long term strength & conditioning program. I execute some specific skills to complement the exercise based therapy I believe my patients need. I am a trained Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Gyrotonic ® and Pilates Instructor and experienced Trigger Point Dry Needling Practioner.

I thrive on a busy, but organised lifestyle and when I am not wearing my PHYZ X ‘hat’ you will find me enjoying chasing around after my children or doing stock work with my husband & horses at our family farm further west.

There is nothing better than the simple pleasures of life.


Leigh Miller


I am passionate about allowing people to be physically active in their lifestyles; even if this isn’t something that we all live for, it is an important element of our lives. We are all driven by the sense of euphoria or reward received from achieving tasks in our lives; it is my goal to work with you to help you find this fulfilment either by fixing your injury or working with you longer term to get you active. I enjoy managing acute muscle injuries and alleviating headaches/neck pain as well as working with you on post-surgical rehabilitation for joint replacement or reconstructive surgery. I want to assist with removing physical barriers that are reducing peoples quality o life & work with you on solutions to enable you to live the life you wish.

As you might guess, when I am not at PHYZ X I like to be active! I could be trail riding or walking along an unexplored beach or simply just going for a job with my local community club; I relish the chance to be outdoors and experience something new.



AEP & Pilates

It has and always will be my desire to help the people around me and want the absolute best for me. Seeing your enjoyment when you are feeling healthy and positive gives me joy. Knowing that I am helping you reach, if not exceed, your personal goals keeps this passion strong and alive.

I am lucky to wake up every morning excited to go to work. I absolutely love what I do and the biggest things that excites me the post is that I can interact with you on a regular basis and help you achieve those personal goals. It could be weight loss, building endurance & strength or simple assisting you in maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle. Chronic pain or a ‘dicky ticker’, Diabetes or Parkinson’s Disease are but a few of the chronic conditions that I thrive to be able to assist you with.

When I am not at PHYZ X helping change lives, you’ll find me on a soccer field or being towed on some skis behind a boat. I could be chasing my two border collies or simply watching cheesy movies on the couch with my partner.  Whatever it is, I am all about enjoying life and aiming to reach my full potential and helping you reach yours.



AEP & Pilates

I am all about crafting exercise to meet your goals and suit your lifestyle. The benefits of moving our bodies has no end: from releasing happy hormones to building strong muscles and boosting our confidence. I want you to experience these benefits for yourself.

I am thrilled when I see you overcoming your barriers and begin living the life you dream of because you have an active body. The Pilates method is one of the programs I utilise to open a whole realm of exercises that are accessible to you, even if you haven’t exercised in a while. It will also challenge the fittest of the fit!

I specialise in helping you exercise if you’ve experienced back pain, are struggling to take your first step in getting fit or helping you recover from an injury and assisting you in making healthy lifestyle choices.

Outside of PHYZ X you’ll find me downtown enjoying a coffee or riding a bike, spending time with my church community or coaching and playing netball. If the weather calls for it, I will be out enjoying creation with a bushwalk or picnic.




Whether it is on a sporting field or in your day to day life, I chose Physiotherapy so that I can help people to meet their goals and achieve their full potential. As a teenager, I was heavily involved in sports and unfortunately suffered some injuries along the way; it was the way my physiotherapist could help me achieve my goals that motivate me to want to be able to do that for others.

As you can guess from my past, I am passionate about working with sports people to get them back into their chosen sport; helping them maintain and/or improve their level of performance. I am particularly interested in the lower limb especially the knees and ankles. I also enjoying working with you on rehabilitation following surgery; with shoulders and knees being of particular interest to me. I also enjoy working with Dancers whether it is to improve performance or complete a Pointe Shoe Assessment.

When I am not at PHYZ X you will find me working with German Shepherd Dogs; breeding & showing them and am proud to have been selected to handle for one of the elite kennels in Europe. If I am not running around a local oval with the dogs, I will be on the netball or basketball court or enjoying exploring new locations overseas!


Tanya Crowley



Remedial Massage

I love being able to use my Massage skills to help you with your pain relieve and alleviate muscle spasm. I am driven by seeing improvements in wellbeing which means I am committed to listening, addressing and understanding your issues. I hope, that through my role in Remedial Massage I am able to pass on valuable education that massage is a great tool for maintaining a healthy body but that it might also be complemented with exercise.

As a Pilates instructor and Physiotherapy student I am a big advocate for making sure you commit to stretching and exercise because these are the keys to self-management to improve your overall lifestyle. I particularly love working with the upper back/neck region as well as the hip. I’ll provide you with stretches in-treatment, work on those sore spots, maintain clear communication & use nice firm pressure (I can be gentle if you prefer).

On the days I am not helping you feel better than ever, I will be playing soccer, running or heading off to the beach. I am small but mighty and believe I am able to demonstrate that size doesn’t matter when it comes to strength!


Jane Thompson


I became a physiotherapist with PHYZ X because I am passionate about health and movement. I love nothing more than enabling you to get moving, challenge yourself and become a more active version of yourself. Pain can be debilitating and life-changing; as a physiotherapist, I love that I can not only help you overcome this experience but that I can work with you long term so that you feel better than ever!

I am thrilled when I see my patients improve their function. My favourite aspect of this job is when I see you performing tasks that were previously restricted by pain, range, strength or totally new territory. I particularly enjoy working with clients that are experiencing lower back pain, acute/sports injuries as well as now specialising in Women’s Health. I not only enjoy seeing you in our private practices throughout the Central West but am also really interested in PHYZ X’s involvement rural health.

When I am not helping you feel better than ever, you will most likely find me enjoying camping and travelling. In summer, I love to watch the cricket and in winter you’ll find me testing my skills down the ski slopes.


Louie LiU

Remedial Massage

I joined the PHYZ X team because I believe in the vision of the business. I enjoy the passion and professionalism of my colleagues and how, as a seamless team, we can make a difference to your life. I truly believe in the benefits and services that PHYZ X brings to the local community as we work towards our mission to Create Healthier Communities.


I like nothing more than seeing you active and happy; it is my job to help you get there. Using my skills in Massage and my background in Personal Training, I will work with you to help you recover from your injury and feel better than ever. I love to increase my knowledge and love working with a team that is always driving their professional development forwards.


When I am not helping you at PHYZ X you may find me working on the weekend as a PHYZ X Sports Trainer for Orange City Rugby or studying towards the completion of my Exercise Sports Science Degree. I love reading and cooking too and of course will always be training to keep myself fit and healthy and feeling good.




Michael McCorriston

Exercise Physiologist

Marika Garton

Customer Care

I moved to Orange from Sydney and first came across PHYZ X as a client; when there was an opportunity to join the team, I jumped at it. I had, from personal experience, witnessed the seamless team care that PHYZ X provides and wanted to be part of something that helps make positive changes in the community and to the wellbeing of individuals.

I love seeing you experience the multidisciplinary team that PHYZ X is comprised of and to know that with their help you are working towards achieving and succeeding at the goals you have set. I enjoy being able to work within the Central West Community and engage each day with all the wonderful people that walk through our clinic doors.

I am passionate about developing the service offerings PHYZ X has in all three of our clinics as well as our Pilates Studio to ensure that we continue in our mission to Create Healthier Communities.

If I am not at PHYZ X, you will most likely find me dancing! I am also a Classical Ballet teacher and love imparting my passion and experience in dance to my students. You will also find me enjoying a busy life as a mother of two wonderful children who remind me to enjoy the little things and laugh often.


Jess Beasley

Customer Care

Emily Melnik

Client Services Administrator

Before I started working on the PHYZ X team, I was part of the Canobolas High Performance Athletes program and got to know PHYZ X the work they do during my CHPA training. I am part of the PHYZ X Team as I share the same CARE values that drive PHYZ X. I love welcoming our clients to the clinic and getting to know you as our team help you to achieve your goals. I am a positive person who will go above and beyond for you as part of PHYZ X’s seamless team care model.


I love it when we achieve something great at PHYZ X as a team; whether that is helping you get back to a full health or launching a new program within our community or simply celebrating the many individual achievements of the great people that make the up the PHYZ X family.


When I am not working on the daily goings on at PHYZ X, you will find me running at the gym or on the footy field playing League Tag for CYMS. When I am done running, I relax at local cafés or hit up the shops for some retail therapy.