Phyz X | The quiet little achievers in your “Core”.
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The quiet little achievers in your “Core”.

The quiet little achievers in your “Core”.

What is all the fuss about the “core muscles”? If you’ve hurt your back or play some serious sport I would bet you’ve heard of it, or perhaps you’ve even started igniting your “core” on the gym floor. The fuss is that back pain experts have studied the role of various layers of muscles around the spine and pelvis. They have determined that if your stack of vertebrae are well supported, you’re not only at less risk of back injury but can even help it resolve your pain, get you mobile gain and reduce its un-welcomed return.

But stop, before you jump on YouTube and get into an ab building rampage, make sure you are building your core from the inside first. A clever relationship exists between the muscles that hold your abdominal organs in place, control your breathing and turn on the switch to the magic “multifudus”. These clever little quiet achievers just love your spine, each looking after their very own vertebrae, not only keeping you stable but flexible at the same time. So next time you hear about all this core talk, check if the conversation was directed at you and don’t delay talking to a core expert near you.



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