Phyz X | When your knees don’t do what they are supposed to!
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When your knees don’t do what they are supposed to!

When your knees don’t do what they are supposed to!

“How am I going to lose 12kg?” You ask yourself in frustration as you leave your doctors appointment. Your knee buckles every time you walk down a slope and stairs are just murder. Last time you tried to exercise your knee turned into a swollen balloon and your $1200 self-gifted treadmill ended up on ebay. “What do I do this time?”, you thoughts become desperate as you are interrupted by your knee creaking louder than your ringtone. You haven’t been on the golf course for months and your waistline has crept into three figures for the first time in your life. The surgeon claims you have nothing wrong and your own attempts to follow Dr Google’s exercise advice has put your knee on ice for a week.

You are not alone. One of the most common types of knee pain experienced is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) aka “kneecap pain”. The patella is responsible for dramatically improving the power we generate at the knee, this bone is an unsung hero. The congruent relationship between the kneecap and how it glides over the femur below is a feat on its own, not to mention the joints ability to cope with greater than 7 x bodyweight when in the depths of a single-leg squat. But all is not well if things go amiss, many factors can lead to a “poorly driven” kneecap, one that either doesn’t stay on course or gets forced out of line from its cartilage covered groove also known as “Patella maltracking”. One culprit is an episode of swelling from a simple knock or twist, insidious and uneventful but leaving your knee with a mild air of nerve inhibition, no longer with the quadriceps in fine tune the kneecap no longer stays on course leading to a painful and weak knee and stories like above. So if you know this story all too well, make sure you don’t let your knees rule your life or ruin it all the same. Get your knees assessed by your trusted Physiotherapist and start putting your patella back and life on track.




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